On 17 October 2022, the exciting Third Mission Day of the Pädagogische Hochschule in Vienna took place with an Online World Café. The Online World Café format was tested for digital-inclusive possibilities and topics from various Third Mission projects were discussed. The questions in the rounds revolved around how sustainable cooperation can be developed/enforced/promoted. The following key questions were discussed:

  • What similarities and differences can be found in the approaches to service-learning among the project partners?
  • What opportunities and obstacles are there for implementing cooperation? 
  • How and in which areas do the project partners benefit from service-learning? 

Theoretical input was provided by Irmgard Bernhard on Outside the Box – A Plea for Service-Learning as a Teaching and Learning Method, by Katharina Resch on Service-Learning in Partnerships with Schools, and by Stefan Stiepanofsky on Learning through Engagement in Schools: Experiences from the Field. Michaela Steed-Vamos also reported on the SLUSIK project.


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