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16/12/22 – Seville

The Spanish Service-Learning Network (REDAPS) held its 15th meeting on 16 December 2022. The meeting was organised by the City Council of Seville, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and the Spanish Network of Service-Learning with the collaboration of the Edebé Foundation and the Andalusian Network of Service-Learning.

The event was held in a dual format: in person and online, and included a presentation of the Service-Learning Awards 2022, sponsored by DKV Seguros, Fundación la Caixa, CENEAM (Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge), OEI (Organisation of Ibero-American States), Fundación Ana Bella, Mullor S. A, Educo, Plena Inclusión, Torresco, Esemtia, Fundación Princesa de Girona, Esade, Arci Nature, ACES-Andalucía, Edebé, REDAPS and Seville City Council.

During the meeting a letter of intent was signed for the creation of a pan-European Service-Learning network. The declaration was signed by following countries:

  • Italy – with the participation of the EIS Postgraduate School of LUMSA University and INDIRE
  • Spain – with REDAPS 
  • România – with Fundația Noi Orizonturi 
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina – with Mios Tuzla
  • Switzerland – with Zentrum Service-Learning Schweiz 
  • Germany – with Lernen Durch Engagement 
  • Argentina – with CLAYSS

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