Considering the contemporary challenging social scenario, there is a growing need for educational programmes and experiences that can shape future responsible citizens. The conference represents an opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practices in Service-Learning and e-Service-Learning, to strengthen networking and collaboration, expand the capacity of higher education institutions, and to offer valuable resources to contrast social exclusion and marginalization, and empower young generations.

The Scientific Committee, of the 6th European Conference on Service-Learning in Higher Education on “Futures of Service-Learning: Digital Empowerment, Transformational Literacy and Civic Engagement” invites academics, teachers and practitioners from across the continent of Europe and other continents to contribute to the debate on the impact of digital empowerment, transformational literacy and civic engagement, including inclusion and diversity in Service-Learning and e-Service-Learning programs. During the conference, the General Assembly and the election of the new President and members of the board of EASLHE will be organized.

The conference is organized by the LUMSA University of Rome in collaboration with the European Association for Service-Learning in Higher Education (EASLHE) and the partners of the ERASMUS+ Project SLIDE – Service-Learning as a pedagogy to promote Inclusion, Diversity, and Digital Empowerment (number 2021-1-BE02-KA220-HED-000032235).

For more information please check ECSLHE2023 webpage.


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