23rd August 2023
Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

CLAYSS, associate partner of the SLIDE project, organises the 6th Service-Learning Researchers’ Symposium on Wednesdat 23rd August 2023, in the context of the International Service-Learning Week in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. CLAYSS organises this new edition with the support of the Ibero-American Service-Learning Network. The Symposium is an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas between research groups that can do joint work, contribute to research projects and share their experiences. As in previous editions, the approved papers are presented orally as posters at round tables, but some of them are selected for their presentation as short lectures.

All approved papers are published in the Proceedings of the VI Service-Learning Researchers’ Symposium (publication with ISBN); however, some submissions will be selected for publication in the RIDAS journal. In addition, some authors will be invited to present their work at the 26th International Service-Learning Conference, held on 24th and 25th August in Buenos Aires.

The central themes addressed at the Symposium are the following:

  • Discussions and theoretical contributions
    • Contributions to the definition of “service-learning” and “solidarity service-learning”.
    • Solidarity, fraternity, spirituality and service-learning.
  • Institutional programmes based on service-learning
    • Monitoring and evaluation of institutional programmes.
    • Design, follow-up and outreach of institutional policies for service-learning implementation and promotion.
  • Case studies and systematisation of service-learning programmes and practices

Papers can be submitted both in Spanish and English. The submission deadline is on 17th April 2023.


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