Intercultural interdisciplinary intensive summer service-learning program – Blended Intensive Program for students from different study fields

FLY is a blended intensive program of volunteering, community service, and field learning organized by seven universities in Europe: four in Spain, one in Portugal, one in Italy, and one in Slovakia. By engaging in online learning and practical experience in the field organized in cooperation with community organizations, students develop their professional, personal, social, and ethical competencies.

The FLY program includes different sessions and methods:

  • Online group interactive training before the physical part
  • Individual online course
  • An individual plan of personal development
  • In-person part – participation in a community project in community organizations in groups, connected with reflection and evaluation sessions, working in the field 5-8 hours/per day
  • Individual reflection after experience

The program has als added value for community organizations: students are participating in solving the real needs and problems in community organizations with different target groups.

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