In the FLY –  international inter-university summer service-learning program, students are preparing differently for the onside service-learning experiences. One form of preparation is also an online course and online meetings.  

On June 5, 2023, and June 7, 2023, the online preparation of students who will be hosted by the Matej Bel University in Slovakia this year, as well as the preparation of students who we are sending from Slovakia to projects in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, took place.

The Spanish students shared the expectations of cooperation with our hosting organizations, the Center for Volunteering, n.o., the Center for Community Organizing, and the Garden – Center for Independent Culture, and defined their first tasks. With the students from Matej Bel University, we shared their expectations and concerns. Still, we also clarified some of the rules when working with partners in the community as part of service-learning projects.

We are looking forward to the experiences this summer.

Matej Bel University created a video about the FLY program. Watch the video here:


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