KU Leuven / BE

KU Leuven is a university and an international community where innovative research forms the basis of all academic programs. Across the university, driven researchers and curious students continually gain new insights and use their knowledge to tackle the foremost challenges of our time.

An important part of the mission of KU Leuven is to put “its expertise to the service of society, with particular consideration for its most vulnerable members.” For this purpose, KU Leuven Engage was launched in academic year 2019-2020. KU Leuven Engage is a communityof engaged students, researchers, lecturers, staff members and partners of KU Leuven who, through active commitment, strive to assume their social responsibility for, together with and starting fromindividuals and groups in vulnerable situations.

Latin American Center for Service-Learning (CLAYSS) / AR

CLAYSS is the Latin American Center for Service-Learning. Under the motto: “Learning to serve, serving to learn”, CLAYSS was created to accompany and serve students, educators and community organizations that develop or wish to implement service-learning (SL) projects. CLAYSS strives to:

  1. Promote the development of the pedagogical proposal of service-learning in Latin America;
  2. Provide training to school authorities, teachers and students at all levels of education and modalities, as well as to community and civil society organizations and companies, to develop solidarity educational projects;

Contribute to the development of service-learning projects in schools, higher education institutions and youth and social organizations.

Latin American Pact for Education with Human Quality / MX

The Latin American Pact for Education with Human Quality “PALECH” is an inclusive, multinational, bona fide and non-profit social movement, in which all those people who want to contribute to positively change their being and their environment, from the rescue of universal values such as honesty, truth, honor, peace and love, from education.

Our Mission: Transform human beings from education to develop in them greater awareness, dignity, responsibility and commitment, that with love and peace, promote and enjoy a society with harmony and balance.