The Service-Learning, Inclusion and Digital Empwerment Manifesto

The SLIDE Manifesto is addressed to all relevant service-learning stakeholders. Its statements challenge the current teaching and learning approaches, and it entices readers to think about a new paradigm where online and offline components go hand in hand. It is designed as a platform for further debate, and a resource to be used by the stakeholder groups. 

Consider endorsing or providing feedback for the manifesto to push service-learning adoption forward in the European Union!

The SLIDE Manifesto is available in 7 different languages

SL&DE for 4 stakeholders groups

Teaching staff
policy and support staff
Community members and organizations

Four stakeholder groups and four content categories make up the SLIDE Manifesto, providing an overview of the pedagogy. We have carefully considered the role of each stakeholder group within the dynamic, and provided valuable insights for each. This work shows the potential and value of SL&DE and its connection to digital empowerment. It also addresses the current state of institutionalization and provides actionable conditions for success, ultimately covering the what, why and how of Service-Learning & Digital Empowerment.

The need

For Service-Learning and Digital Empowerment for each stakeholder group.

Innovative effects

That make SL&DE a different approach to traditional pedagogy.


The impact implementing such a pedagogy has on each stakeholder group. 

Conditions for succes

Concrete, actionable and endorsable statements related to implementation.

Data collection & theory development

Each SLIDE partner organized two focus groups in which each stakeholder group was represented and reflected upon. All unique statements from these focus groups were collected into a matrix, which was written out in the manifesto, after two focus groups were held among the consortium to make sense of – and streamline – the findings. In total, about 120 people participated in the creation of the manifesto. This makes our SL&DE Manifesto a truly collaborative and international effort, based on stakeholder input.