ME1 – Service-learning and Digital Empowerment conference

The multiplier event will be organized in conjunction with the Annual European Conference on Service- Learning in Higher Education. As key stakeholders from the European universities, service-learning networks and community organizations on practitioners’, researchers’ and policy levels will attend the Annual European Conference, this will ensure a wide dissemination of project results, and allow constructive discussion about national and transnational implementation, as well as further developments and new projects. The objective of the multiplier is to spread awareness and stimulate a discussion about exploitation of results as well as how project results can be further developed.

ME2 – Digital Empowerment of Academic Teachers for Inclusion and Diversity

The Multiplier event has four aims:

  • to disseminate the completion of PR1, PR2 and PR3 the project (Service-Learning Inclusion, Diversity and Digital Empowerment Manifesto, Digital Empowerment: Training program for teachers, trainers and educational leaders and Online World Café for teachers, trainers and educational leaders),
  • to stimulate a discussion with external stakeholders about the content and exploitation of the project results in national and international settings,
  • to spread awareness about the ongoing transnational work on service-learning and digital empowerment, further expanding the network and developing cooperation
  • to spread awareness among target groups for the project results to follow and stimulate enrollment of additional participants.