SLIDE Multiplier Events

The SLIDE project consortium is co-organizer of the 6th and 7th European Conference for Service-Learning in Higher Education, to highlight and disseminate the results created within the SLIDE project. These multiplier events allow for constructive discussion with external stakeholders about national and transnational implementation, as well as further development and new projects and to spread awareness about the ongoing transnational work on service-learning and digital empowerment.

ME1: Futures of Service-Learning – Digital Empowerment, Transformational Literacy, Civic Engagement

27-28 September 2023 @ Rome, Italy

Considering the contemporary challenging social scenario, there is a growing need for educational programmes and experiences that can shape future responsible citizens. The event represents an opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practices in Service-Learning and e-Service-Learning, to strengthen networking and collaboration, expand the capacity of higher education institutions, and to offer valuable resources to empower young generations.

ME2: Transforming Europe through University Collaboration

24-25 September 2024 @ Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Europe is facing significant socio-political, economic and environmental challenges. Higher education is in a unique position to promote and sustain lasting changes in societies.  Europe’s multidimensional diversity is a challenge, but it also represents an essential opportunity to manage changes from the local to the regional, national, European and global spheres, underpinned by civic engagement, equity and social justice values.Strategic partnerships and institutional alliances are key to promoting service-learning, as is research and innovation adapted to the variety of contexts.