Online World Café

The SLIDE team is in the process of designing, developing and implementing the Online World Café method using interactive distance-learning technologies for exchange between higher education teachers and staff about the opportunities and challenges that arise from the use of emerging digital technologies.

‘Digital Empowerment Transformation with You!’

On 16 October 2023, the SLIDE consortium organized the Online World Café event “Digital Empowerment Transformation with you! The event was focused on higher education teachers, trainers and educational leaders interested in digital empowerment through community-university partnerships and service-learning. Three central questions were explored:

  • What are the reasons to (not) be digitally empowered?
  • What kind of consequences of using digital technologies can be stated?
  • What kind of vulnerabilities arise from the use of emerging digital technologies in service-learning?


The Online World Café method and its potential for the service-learning pedagogy will be described in a manual for teachers. This manual will soon be available on the European Virtual Hub.