The University College of Teacher Education Vienna sees itself as a cosmopolitan educational campus for all pedagogical professional fields and stands for research- and practice-led education, further education and continuing education.

The tasks of the University Colleges of Teacher Education are defined as follows:

  • Initial, in-service and further training of teachers with a focus on the pedagogical profession and its professional fields within the framework of teaching and research according to international standards through offers of education science, subject science, subject didactics and pedagogical practice training.
  • Research in all pedagogical professional fields to gain scientific knowledge for the further development of teaching.
  • Participation in school development and in the quality development of educational institutions, and primary schools, within the framework of their academic-professional teaching and research by providing support and advice.
  • To impart the qualification for the responsible exercise of pedagogical professions through appropriate school and professional practice as well as through scientific-professional field-related research and teaching.