The Universitair Centrum Saint-Ignatius Antwerpen (UCSIA) is an offspring of the former Universitair Faculties Saint-Ignatius Antwerp (UFSIA). Founded in 2002, it is an independent non-profit organization at the service of the academic community on a local (UAntwerpen and Flemish Universities) and on an international platform (for more information about mission and activities see website). In its almost twenty years of existence, it has developed strong academic expertise and acquired extensive professional experience in organizing workshops and conferences, for small groups (20-40 people) and large groups (200-400 people), both locally (participants from Belgium) and internationally (Europe and the world), with currently around 40 events a year. During Corona-times it has organized many online conferences and webinars. It has also developed online sources (see ‘publications’ below).

UCSIA stimulates research on a wide range of societal and European topics. It contributes to a more just and better society through education, community service, and academic research. UCSIA develops different thematic lines to reflect on relevant issues with students, scholars, social actors, and a wider public:

  • religion, culture, and society;
  • solidarity in Antwerp, Europe, and the world;
  • ethics & economy;
  • society, health, and wellbeing;
  • community service-learning and innovations in education.