Social Hackathon

The SLIDE Social Hackathon will equip students with skills and knowledge to fully participate in digital higher education, and with pedagogical skills to make connections with local communities. Students will become sensitized towards on digital inclusion and digital empowerment of underprivileged and underrepresented community members.

Students will work online in multidisciplinary teams to participate in the online social hackathon where each team will have to select a community need and address it during the event in a form of an e-service-learning project. The selected needs may vary in many ways, not only in regard to the country or university, but also in regard to digital skills needed to complete these tasks (from digital storytelling to use of emerging technologies).

The social hackathon will provide an opportunity for all participating students to work closely on selecting real social challenges and plan their transnational cross curricular e-service-learning projects in sustainable and ecologically responsible ways, addressing inclusion and diversity, and gradually moving from pilots to full-fledged e-service-learning projects.